Who are we?

MOHO London jewellery is almost exclusively crafted from 18 carat gold vermeil with recycled sterling silver base metal and is intended to be loved and worn over many years. Our semi-precious gemstones add beauty, colour and meaning to our pieces and we work with a variety of different stones. MOHO London is about standing for real beauty, big hearts and bold attitude - lots of colour, personality and feeling good in our own skin.

MOHO is that layer of rock deep down between the crust and mantle of the earth, 35km beneath the continents to be exact!
But for the team at MOHO London it is the perfect metaphor for a fair trade gold jewellery business which strives to be grounded and authentic.
Every beautiful gold jewellery piece is a labour of love, designed in London and produced by highly skilled tradespeople with whom we have developed trusting relationships, we are proud of our product quality and the clarity of our gemstones.

We believe good energy is contagious and that out of the box thinking with open minds is the only way forward.
As we grow our business, we are invested in supporting causes close to our hearts.